About Us

At Perfect Community Care we are dedicated to supporting and empowering people with learning and physical disabilities to get the most out of life.

We are based in East London and our small team is very passionate, and have all had many years of experience working in the care field. It’s guaranteed that all our staff are adequately qualified and have recognized health and social care qualifications. This is very important to us as we believe those qualities assist us in delivering a professional and high standard of care in your homes and in the community.

It is our mission to go to any length to ensure that the aims, dreams and aspirations of each person who we work with are fulfilled to the fullest. Our service is one that takes an individually tailored person centred approach and is designed to be flexible and user led.

Through our range of services we work to reduce isolation, strengthen the community, build confidence, improve skills and decision making, promote independence, and ispire people to live a meaningful life.

Our services focus on providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction and community care by always listening to our customers voices and meeting their expectations.


Our founder's story

Perfect Community Care was founded by Rose Hassan after leading a team of social carers in Newham for over 10 years and working within the sector for over 20 years. Rose began her career in the care sector in 1996 as a residential care assistant and pursued her aspirations of making a difference in the community by voluntarily providing health care assistance in her local borough.

In 1998 she went on to work in a day care center, which specialized in caring for people with learning disabilities, where she spent just over 3 years and was headhunted by the council and brought in to support a new community based care initiative. In 2001 she began working in the community by supporting and encouraging service users to become more independent, sociable and active within the community.

Rose progressed and became the team leader whereby she would lead and organize the day to day activities for the service's users and continuously monitor their progress. As she continued to excel and exceed expectations she eventually became manager of the department and vigorously drove continuous improvement through the types of care provided to people with learning disabilities in Newham.

In 2011 Rose was still managing the department during a period of major social services' transformation. At the time she set up an outreach service within the Newham community for the less able people to be more involved in the community events and functions.

She also negotiated and created activities within the community for those people to attend by networking and liaising between the local agencies, social workers, and service users' families. She organized DBS checked support workers to accompany the service users while accessing the community service.

In late 2014, Rose decided to use her skills and expertise gained over the past years as a social community builder to set up a community day care service to disabled people, and, more recently a domiciliary care service to people in need living in East London.

Rose Hassan has Assessor awards at level 3, NVQ level 4 in health, and social care with manager awards and level 5 diplomas in education and training

Perfect Community Care founder
Rose Hassan