What we offer

Perfect Community Care offers a wide range of services and activities to suit and meet customer's preferences and requirements. These are designed to improve and promote customers healthy lifestyle. 

We respect everyone's needs and values regarding their race, ethnic origin, culture, political affiliation, religion, marital status, disabilities, impairments, and parenthood. We always listen to our service users, and use their feedback to help improve our service. 

Home Care service

  • Assist with personal care and hygiene          

  • Assist with domestics works

  • Assist in dressing and undressing

  • Assist to get in and out of bed

  • Assist to prepare basic meals

  • Assist with eating

  • Assist with shopping

  • Assist with medication

  • Assist with collecting of repeated prescriptions

  • Support at review meetings

  • Escort to medical appointments

Day Centre Service

  • Facilitates social and recreation activities. i.e. Art and craft, Football club, Chair based exercise, Basket ball and Football, Aromatherapy/foot spa, hand, leg and shoulder massage

  • Provides learning skill activities. i.e. Jewellery making, wool knitting Embroidery, Crafting images and Travel training

  • Networking opportunities and clubs that can help people build friendships

  •  Empowering individuals to become more independence

Community Care Service

  • Escort from home to outing and back

  • Encourages you to choose from a variety of activities within the community.

  • Sign-post you to variety of facilities in the community

  • Provide opportunities that will enable you to integrate, socialise and build friendship.

  • Support you through any difficult situations by seeking professional input and making referrals for additional support if necessary

  • Support you to attend any medical appointment

  • Support you to go on a short break holidays

  • Provide opportunity that enable you to do things in groups rather than individually