Perfect Community Care is devoted to empowering and supporting customers to be independent, by using a person centered planning approach to meet their needs, wishes and aspiration. The service is flexible and will be led by the customers to improve their quality of life.

Our management team care and support workers are well trained to deliver a professional and high quality home care service and a community day care service, which not only provides our customers with peace of mind but also the support they require to be independent. We also work alongside their families to achieve their goals.

Our Aims

Our aim is to provide an excellent service to people so that they enjoy the comfort of living in their own homes. We seek to maximize opportunities with appropriate support in the community that will enable people to enrich their lifestyle and achieve individual goals.

Our objectives ensure that our services will comply with all required quality standards i.e:

·       to provide flexible services according to individual needs

·       to carry out comprehensive assessments that will accurately indentify people's care and support needs

·       to provide robust support plans that fully embrace the care needs of individuals

·       to carry out risk assessments of any risk to customers' wellbeing and personal safety, and put in place plans of how to minimize any risks that are identified

·       to maintain people's dignity, privacy, and rights to independence, and to make choices about how they wish to live

·       to implement a formal program of staff recruitment, planning, and continuous training and development so that we always follow best practice

·       to provide customers with information on how to express any concerns and complaints so that we can quickly respond to put matters right


·       To maintain our customers' independence and self-respect

·       To support customers gain a positive community presence via social integration and inclusion, whilst being treated with respect and dignity and promoting their community participation

·       To promote our customers' well being, encouraging them to eat healthy food and regularly go for health checks

·       To value, promote and support everyone through their personal care and support plan

·       To provide the customers with adequate information and a variety of different activities from which to choose

·       To support the customers through any difficult situations by seeking professional input and making referrals for additional support if necessary

·       To provide a fulfilling service which offers opportunities for new experiences, alternative choices and to encourage the customers to participate to the fullest

·       To encourage customers to engage in a variety of meaningful activities that will reflect on their lives, and support them to be involved and participate in community functions

·       To encourage people to take an active role in making decisions towards becoming independent, and ensure people are not subject to discrimination and harassment

·       To help customers take control of their lives, to give them a voice regarding the service they receive, and to reassure them that their opinions are always valued

·       To guarantee that customers' needs will always be addressed, and maintain their needs for privacy and rights to confidentiality